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The agency TS Events will help you find customized and creative solutions for televsison and film productions throughout Mallorca!

With our valuable experience and highly motivated employees, we help you to make your TV production efficient and successful, regardless of whether you need approvals, permits, locations, tools, technical material or specialized personnel to strengthen your equipment, we make it possible! And that’s where your success, the joy of working and the good cooperation with us makes it true!


First Dates Hotel (Warner)

August/September 2022 – Mallorca

The agency Tanja Sauerwein TS Events worked as part of the production team of “First Dates Hotel” and played an important role in the planning and implementation of the dating show on Mallorca. Our work included obtaining the filming permits in the municipalities and for the street shots, the position and coordination with the drone pilot as well as the necessary permissions. We assembled a local production team and worked closely with local service providers for technology, tents, work containers, security and office supplies to ensure that all aspects of the production ran smoothly.


During the production period in August and September 2022, we were responsible for coordinating the Second Dates carried out by the candidates. All the necessary arrangements were made to ensure that the dates ran smoothly. We worked closely with the production team to ensure that all details were taken care of and the production was a success. The broadcast of the entertainment show managed by TS Events started in prime time at the beginning of 2023. With our dedication and expertise, we ensured that the production was successfully implemented and aired on time. We are proud to have been part of the production team and to have contributed to making this entertainment show a hit with the audience.


Deutschland sucht den Superstar

October 2022 – Mallorca

The agency Tanja Sauerwein TS Events worked closely with the production company UFA of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” to ensure a smooth and successful recall on Mallorca. Our work included finding the perfect film sets, obtaining filming permits from the respective municipalities, providing production drivers and technical resources as well as catering services at the filming locations. As location scouts on site, we ensured that the production’s needs were fully met and that every aspect of the recall went smoothly.


Our team worked hard to ensure the production had the best possible locations to show the candidates in the best light. We were on location throughout the working period in October 2022, supporting the production to ensure everything went as planned.


The show finally aired in February 2023 and we were proud to be part of a successful project.




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